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About Us

Whim Z Designs is located in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

Whim Z Designs is committed to providing high-quality whimsical art and art-based products.  For more information on our products and ordering information, please see the "Shopping" page or contact:   or    734-395-2663

About the artist

Hi, I'm Kelley. I just LOVE color, textures, and all different kinds of art. I also love to take classes and learn more and more about art.  Through the years I’ve taken tons of art classes from drawing and painting, to color theory, watercolors, graphic design, calligraphy (along with 2 one-year classes with the famous Reggie Ezell and his 6-month 3-dimensional class), knitting and jewelry.  I’ve studied typefaces and won an award for my “Square Pegs” font, and met and studied under so many amazing people.  I am very blessed.

This year I took a Zentangle® class and became a CZT (Certified Zentangle® Teacher) so I can now officially teach that art form to you and your friends.  You will LOVE it as it is relaxing and fun and if you can draw a line, you too make a Zentangle like the one shown below.  I was so very lucky to take the class directly from Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the birth parents of this amazing art form.  If you haven’t heard about Zentangles® before, check out their web site

No matter where the art road has taken me though I am always drawn to bright and vibrant colors as you will see in my art and my house and pretty much everything I touch.  When I married my amazing husband Tim, I moved into his stark beige house and painted it bright red, turquoise, pumpkin orange and decorated with just about every other color in between because as I told him when I met him…I don’t do beige!  Since then we have moved to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  Now that we have moved into our new house, I've gotten to do it all over again with even more vibrant colors!  The colorful Caribbean is my kind of place!

More about Zentangles®

Zentangle-logoAs I mentioned above, I am also a certified Zentangle® instructor.  The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  

I can teach anyone how to create a beautiful Zentangle® piece of art like the one below... really!  Classes as small as 5... so get your book club together and have some relaxing fun.
Call to set up a class with me.





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